Meet Frank & Fiona, my Fiddle Leaf Figs

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Apparently, COVID has turned me into a crazy plant lady 😂 One of the most frequently asked questions that I get is if my fiddle leaf figs are real?  Yes and no.  

These two beauties, whom I have named Frank and Fiona, are in fact real. I got them when they had about 6 leaves each, 7-8 years ago.

This small FFF (fiddle leaf fig) in the basked in front of my fireplace are two faux stems from Michael's shoved in a pot of dirt inside of the basket. The palm tree to the left is real. 

The tall FFF in the back corner here is faux and was found at HomeGoods.  The Sago Palm on the table is real.  I find that if you mix your plants with both real and faux, people will assume that they are all real 😉

Do you name your plants? Tell me their names in the comments below. 

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