Sunday, I mean Monday, Ramblings

Monday, April 20, 2015

So I missed my Sunday ramblings...let's call it Monday ramblings.

#1 Spray Paint the Hardware too

Here's a tip from Emily A Clark: Paint the hardware too!  Sometimes it can cost a small fortune to buy all new hardware for a dresser or any piece of furniture with a lot of knobs and pulls.  Instead of buying all new hardware you just spray paint it the same color as the dresser.  Genius!

Emily A Clark

#2 Laundry Sorter

Did you know my hubby is a born neat freak.  The exception to this rule is in our Master Closet which is probably the area that I try to keep the neatest in our house.  I just love the look of an elegant closet that makes you feel like you are in a retail store.  Laundry piles were a big issue on his side of the closet so I picked up an awesome laundry sorter from Walmart.  My favorite part, besides the $28 price, was that each bag pulls out.

3 Bag Laundry Sorter

#3 Better Homes & Gardens

While we are on the subject of Walmart, have you seen the new BHG stuff?!?  Some of it is fabulous!

This pillow is embroidered and looks even better in person.

Floral Medallion Pillow

#4 Outdoor Mat

I scored this outdoor rug/mat from World Market.  It's usually $39.99 but they are having a 15% off outdoor items right now so it's only $33.00.  Did I mention that it is a 6' x 9' and it's reversible.  I love that is made of plastic fiber so it will be easy to hose off.

#5 Teal Door

If you have followed my blog for more than 5 minutes then you know I love teal, turquoise and aqua. I have been wanting to perk up our mud closet room and I think painting the door teal or turquoise is that way to add a pop.

House of Turquoise

Updated Master Bathroom

Sunday, April 12, 2015

I hope y'all had a good weekend!  We certainly did!  My weekend started off with a Friday Fun Day with coworkers at Frankie's Fun Park, then yard work on Saturday and a park play date this morning followed by having over friends for dinner tonight. Amongst all of that I finally took some photos of our bathroom now that the majority of the updates have been completed.

Here's a before shot where I was using painters tape to test out sizes of mirrors.

Before:                                                       After:



We still need new lights, but I still haven't found any that I love for under $150 each.  Our bathtub surround isn't pink!  That's just the reflection of my hot pink yoga pants.

It's amazing the difference that a little paint & new crown molding make.  And swapping out the builder towel hooks helped immensely too! All of the bathroom accessories including the towels, Capiz shell accessories (soap dispenser, cup & tray), q-tip holder, and orchid are from HomeGoods. The mirrors are from Kirkland's.


Here's a tip, store your bathtub necessities in a bamboo wine bottle holder to keep everything tidy. I also use a daily shower spray (which you can see hanging from the shower below) and a squeegee after every shower. 

Even though the bathroom isn't completely finished, it still makes me happy every time I am in there. That's what's important right?  Our homes should feel like us.  It's ok for some rooms or all rooms to be a work in progress.  I mean, if our whole house and yard was completely finished then I would be bored! Ha!  We would have to move.  I haven't read Melissa's book from The Inspired Room, "Love the Home You Have" but I feel like our mini-makeover was just enough to make me love our bathroom.