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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Mason and Lucas started school today and it looks a whole lot different than it has in the past. 

Lucas's desk is setup in the breakfast room. This makes it easier for us to assist him with assignments and helps to keep him focused. 

I remember getting excited about new school supplies back in the day, but maybe it is different with boys. They just don't get excited about new folders.  The exception to this was Lucas with his new school supply cart. He wanted to unbox and build it right away!

Ours has school supplies in it, not knitting yarn and needles. I think it will be handy to use to hold all of our craft paints and supplies once it is no longer needed for school. 

Mason has a super cool loft bed with wrap around desk which will come in really handy this year.  

I ordered a couple other things that I thought would help with distance learning.

I thought this would be great to help them keep track of time so that they don't miss a Google Meet class. Plus the Google Mini's act as an intercom system, this is extremely helpful since they are working at opposite ends of the house.

Do you have any ideas for gadgets or systems that will help ease us into Distance Learning?

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