My super talented friend

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hey ya'll!  We only got a quarter of an inch of snow on Tuesday night.  Bummer!  I really wanted to play in the snow with my boys :(

Most of you have seen my living room by now, but that's about it.  My friend Shannon of Shannon Bradley Photography is going to help me with my house tour.  I better get some more rooms in my house in show worthy condition!  

Check out Shannon's site to see her amazing photos of  babies, kids, families and weddings. I think she is the best photographer in Raleigh & Wake Forest.  She took my profile pic too!

You may recall this beautiful image as it hanging over my fireplace. 

And how sweet is this?  I will cherish this photo ALWAYS!  I may have to put it on my dashboard for when he gets older and won't kiss me hello when I pick him up from school.

 Boys being boys.  Enough said. 

You can check out my Facebook page for more photographs from our Fall session with Shannon Bradley.

Living Room design board

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hello everyone!  It is snowing here in Raleigh and I hope some snow sticks on the ground so that I can take the boys outside tomorrow and build a snowman.

I offered a complimentary design board to my friend and neighbor Christina.  She has a gorgeous Front Room in her house that was previously being used as a play room. The Front Room housed a train table and a roller coaster.  Yes, roller coaster!  The train table found a new home in their loft upstairs and the roller coaster is being relocated as well.  I sent Christina a bunch of questions and this was her response: 

Hmmmm. Let me think ...i know we want it to be more of a relaxing/adult-friendly room (kids have the rest of the house). We'd like to relax, chat, have a drink, and do small entertaining in the space. I like bright colors, teals, greys, a touch of orange, yellow or green is fine. I do not like purple, and I'd like it to fit all seasons ( chairs are velvety for winter but I want to be able to bring fabrics that last all year). Not too vintagey. Stores I love ( but not limited to) include world market, pier 1, home goods, ( I'm good w/Ross, tj maxx.. Anything near) Not sure about the budget?!?!?? As reasonable as can be, but if I see something that's awesome- I'll want it. I have the 2 teal world market chairs to stay in there. I'll get dimensions and pics tomorrow. There's a corner shelf that could stay or go- prob don't want 2 paint it. We have a couple other end table things that could go in the room in they fit. I def. want a new ceiling light fixture in the room maybe like a sand dollar type chandelier or sunburst type. Floor or table lamps are fine too- I love natural and overhead lighting. I only use lamps for decoration. I also want a rug, which will help get rid of the echo. I can paint walls-anything. Maybe paper, glue, embellishments- I'd have to see it. Please ask any questions if you need more info or Clarification. thanks

Later I will share some of the other options that I came up with for this room and provide some trade out options from Craigslist.

House Tour

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

From this:
To this:
From this:
To this:

Bite the Bullet

Monday, January 13, 2014

I have been passionate about design for many years, for the past year I have pondered about starting a design blog.  Then I ready that most bloggers, at least good ones, spend 5-6 hours per day writing blogs.  Not to mention the time it takes to complete projects, photograph them, etc.  That is not what I want to do. Although, I would not mind if Krylon or Rustoleum decided to send me samples of their new colors to try out on my projects.  If you know me then you know I am also working on refinishing some piece of furniture.  I digress, the point is that I want to spend more time designing.  Not writing.  As a result, I created Robin's Nest Design as a very cost effective way to help folks that are not so passionate about design but want to "Beautify your nest, beautify your life."  If you fall into this category, please reach out to me as I have plans starting at just $50.  I can help you find that perfect piece or figure out what to do in an awkward or unloved spot in your home.  Or I can create a virtual design of your room with new paint, furniture, window treatments and accessories.  My goal is not to do full blown interior design, I will not come to your house and paint.  I will send you a board that will show you how awesome your room will look once YOU (or a contracted painter) paint it.

 Custom Mood Board $150 
•A mood board which includes all the furnishings, accessories, and paint colors for the room that you need help with 
•I will do all the research online and send you a detailed list of all the items so you can purchase them on your own. 

Custom Virtual Design Board $250 
•Everything included in the Custom Mood Board, but delivered to you virtually as if your room was already done with views from 2 different angles. This is great for people who need to really SEE the entire room done. 
•I will do all the research online and send you a detailed list of all the items so you can purchase them on your own. 

Design Feature $50 
•Do you only need a quick design boost for a smaller project? Like a feature wall or one piece of furniture. Local Raleigh and Wake Forest Folks: Are you looking for help or need a piece of furniture painted? 
•I charge around $200 per dresser (pricing is different for smaller pieces or custom paint details) plus costs for materials. 
•I charge around $50/hour for different design services like color consultations, personal shopping and decor consultations. 
•I specialize in finding that special piece via my non-retail sources such as Goodwill, Craigslist, etc. 

What do I need from you? 
•Inspirational photos, room measurements, a budget and any specific design opinions or tastes. 
•Good email communication is critical! 
•2 revisions included. 50% non-refundable PayPal payment required to start.