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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hello everyone!  It is snowing here in Raleigh and I hope some snow sticks on the ground so that I can take the boys outside tomorrow and build a snowman.

I offered a complimentary design board to my friend and neighbor Christina.  She has a gorgeous Front Room in her house that was previously being used as a play room. The Front Room housed a train table and a roller coaster.  Yes, roller coaster!  The train table found a new home in their loft upstairs and the roller coaster is being relocated as well.  I sent Christina a bunch of questions and this was her response: 

Hmmmm. Let me think ...i know we want it to be more of a relaxing/adult-friendly room (kids have the rest of the house). We'd like to relax, chat, have a drink, and do small entertaining in the space. I like bright colors, teals, greys, a touch of orange, yellow or green is fine. I do not like purple, and I'd like it to fit all seasons ( chairs are velvety for winter but I want to be able to bring fabrics that last all year). Not too vintagey. Stores I love ( but not limited to) include world market, pier 1, home goods, ( I'm good w/Ross, tj maxx.. Anything near) Not sure about the budget?!?!?? As reasonable as can be, but if I see something that's awesome- I'll want it. I have the 2 teal world market chairs to stay in there. I'll get dimensions and pics tomorrow. There's a corner shelf that could stay or go- prob don't want 2 paint it. We have a couple other end table things that could go in the room in they fit. I def. want a new ceiling light fixture in the room maybe like a sand dollar type chandelier or sunburst type. Floor or table lamps are fine too- I love natural and overhead lighting. I only use lamps for decoration. I also want a rug, which will help get rid of the echo. I can paint walls-anything. Maybe paper, glue, embellishments- I'd have to see it. Please ask any questions if you need more info or Clarification. thanks

Later I will share some of the other options that I came up with for this room and provide some trade out options from Craigslist.

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