2 Story Foyer to Larger Bonus Room

Friday, January 30, 2015

Happy Saturday!  I started a new job January 12th has my head spinning!  I have a lot to learn and I am loving it.  I don't know if it's the career change or the fact that it is a new year, but my creative wheels are spinning in terms of our house.

We built our house and shortly after moving in we wished that we had the builder frame our 2 story foyer as a 1 story foyer which would then provide an additional 60 square feet to our bonus room upstairs.  We are currently reviewing quotes from contractors to do just that.  In the mean time, this is what I am picturing for the space.  

I am no longer in love with our big, brown sectional that was in our old living  room, but it is comfortable and practically indestructible.  I really can't justify replacing it in our boys' hangout room.  

My goals for the new space include:
TV Watching
Beverage & Snack Center
Floor space to wrestle (they are boys after all)

The boys will still use the Dining Room aka Lego Library for lego building.

To meet these goals we need:
2 desks on casters and desk chairs
Bean bag chairs
Mini fridge
Wall Art
Window treatments-shades and cornices (this is embarrassing...we have paper shades in here still)

Do you have a kid/teen hangout space?  What are essential functions in the space?

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