Sentimental Christmas Tree Skirt

Monday, December 8, 2014

If you are anything like me you have your wedding dress stashed somewhere around your house.  Maybe it is in a box in the attic or stored in a spare closet like mine.

When we moved into our new house two years ago I wanted to change up our Christmas decor without spending a fortune.

I was on the hunt for a beaded, white Christmas tree skirt.  The ones at the department stores were a fortune and even $50 or more at TJ Maxx and Homegoods.  That is not a bad price, but more than I wanted to spend.

Then it dawned on me that I had the perfect thing at home.  The train on my wedding dress was completely detachable.  It was white satin, beaded and round.  Perfect!

If your train does not detach, you could always cut apart your dress.  Insert gasps here!  Are you ever going to wear your dress again?  Do you have daughters that would actually want to wear it?  I have boys, so that isn't even a consideration.  Why not make into a new and useful family heirloom.


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