Getting Christmasfied

Sunday, November 30, 2014

My oldest was adamant that we "Christmasfy" our house this weekend.  Good thing that is what was already on the agenda.

Please forgive the grainy iPhone photos. I have asked for a new iPhone and camera for Christmas.

This is by far my favorite Christmas tree!  I am sure I say that every year, but I am in love with the white snowflakes and furry critters.  It's the perfect mix of what makes me happy and what makes my two little boys happy.  Plus, it's blue.  Their favorite color.  I reused a lot from last year including the white feather boas for "snow" and the tree skirt is actually the detachable train from my wedding dress.  Not that you can see it since it's covered in the packages I stayed up until midnight wrapping.

My two boys helped me make this ornament garland out of leftover Christmas balls.   We moved the mirror from the Mud Room to the stairs to add some more color to the staircase wall.  I can't wait to have the hallway painted. 

We also built Lego Santa's Workshop. This is my new favorite tradition.  We still need to rebuild the Lego Winter Village Cottage from last year. 

What's your favorite Christmas tradition?

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  1. Looks Good Candice Olson of North Carolina. How can we hire you to do our house.

  2. Amazing! You don't always see blue Christmas decor but yours is stunning! I love your stockings


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