Bedroom Update

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Our Master Bedroom has been an ongoing project.  We made an upholstered bed, hung curtains, a mirror, and brought in our dressers. But it still needs a lot of work.  Let's be real, our whole house needs work!

You can see in the reflection in the mirror the unpainted crown molding.  We have lots of crown that needs to be painted.  The weather has been way too gorgeous to be inside painting though. 

The bedroom corner has been calling for a chair and little side table.  We are looking to have a beachy vibe in the space without it screaming THEMED Beach room.  

Then I saw the World Market ad that featured this chair.  I knew it was what our room needed.  Now we just have to go and get it. 

I would also love to have inlaid shell lamps like these I found at TJ Maxx.

I can't justify buying new lamps when we already have a pair of great lamps.  The room also needs art.  The walls are completely bare! I am constantly drawn to ocean abstracts like these.

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