Tuesday, September 18, 2012

We have just 3 short days until we move out of our house.  It will be hard to leave for so many reasons:

This is the first home of our babies
We have amazing neighbors
The house has an awesome yard

Unfortunately the house is too small for me, my giant (Hubby Nick is 6' 5") and our mini giants. Hence the moving.  I hate moving.  That deserves repeating, I hate moving.  Our goal is to be in our next house aka Forever Home for at least 25 years.

This will be our Forever Home, once it is built.  Oh, did I mention that we haven't even broken ground yet.
We picked out a lot 7 weeks ago only to find out that the house we are building wouldn't fit on it. Then we had to pick a new lot, sign new contracts and start the permit process all over again.  We found out Sunday that we have permits!  Woo hoo!

House design-Check
Interior design selections-Check

Getting want we want in our builder home has not been easy.  We chose this builder because they had the perfect floorplan for our family in a great location and at great price. The down fall is that we didn't have many options in terms of finishes.  We fought long and hard and finally won the battle to get white cabinets in the kitchen and ebony cabinets in the bathrooms.  Who would ever dream that would be so difficult!

I am very proud of us, we negotiated almost $10k off the base price of our home and have only added $20k in upgrades.

Let me break down the upgrades:

$2600 Upgraded, painted white kitchen cabinet and ebony cherry wood         bath cabinets

$2500 Hand scraped hardwoods throughout the down stairs.
Shaw Flooring

$6500 12 x 20 Screened in porch

$300 decorative tile backsplash insert

$2100 Fireplace

$3000 Lot Premium

The remainder of the upgrades was spent on necessities such as an electronic garage door opener, extra can lights, ceiling fan hookups in all rooms, etc.

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