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Monday, August 16, 2021

Happy Monday!  Those of you that have been around here for a while know that I am a HUGE fan of the Samsung The Frame TV.  I upload art through the Samsung Smart Things app, but I was only able to get the no mat options with art that I purchased from Samsung.

La Vita Classica II gifted by Josh Wilson Prints 

I have a new tip on how to use your own art without a mat!  Use this app to re-size your artwork prior to uploading via SmartThings: 

La Vita Classica II gifted by Josh Wilson Prints 

This is the 55" The Frame TV and we have the 2018 model.  It's a TV that acts as art when it is turned off. You can upload family photos, art or purchase art available through Samsung, Etsy, and even some artists and photographers directly.

La Vita Classica II gifted by Josh Wilson Prints 

We chose the 55" based on the opening we had available above the fireplace. 

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Positano Beach Umbrellas Vista - Download Here

I change out my art with the seasons, holidays, or my mood.  

You can even purchase The Frame's customizable bezel frames to change the color of the frame.  There's only one connection box and ours is in the built-in to the left. We have a chase cable that runs through the cabinet and up the wall to the TV, but The Frame also comes with one "nearly-invisible" 16-foot cable that connects all of your devices to the TV. 

The pink flowers below were for Valentine's Day. I was in a pink mood for the whole month of February.

Christina Fluegge, Greige Design Download Here

There are tons of desktop wallpapers available on DESIGN LOVE FEST.  Click the search button at the top and enter "dress your tech" for even more options. 

I love how this Gray Malin Lodge Peak makes my living room look like a winter wonderland!

Loge Peak, Aspen Highlands - Download Here

What other questions do you have about The Frame? Leave them below and I'll be sure to update this post with answers. 

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