Samsung The Frame TV Glow Up

Sunday, August 29, 2021

 Happy Sunday! I hope that you had an amazing weekend.  As a Raleigh interior designer, I recommend Samsung's The Frame Art TV to all of my clients.

I finally got around to ordering the black customizable bezel (aka a magnet frame that clips onto your Frame TV). It came in on Saturday night so this morning I started to coat it in Rub N Buff.

I used Gold Leaf Rub n Buff on this SAMSUNG 55-inch Class The Frame Customizable Bezel - Black. I applied it with an old t-shirt working in small sections. It was an easy process, although it was more time-consuming than spray paint would have been. 

This is what The Frame looked like straight from the box before I added the new gold frame. I was also displaying my "Liesel" by Jenny Grumbles without a mat above.

Source: Jenny Grumbles

Here's an up-close look at the new gold leaf customizable bezel frame in all its glory. 

See More Art by Jenny Grumbles

Here are some answers to the most frequent questions that I get about Samsung The Frame TV.

Q. What makes The Frame better than any other smart TV?
A. The Frame displays art when it's turned off. 

Q. But can't I display art and photos on any smart TV?
A. Yes, you can but it definitely takes a little more effort. 

For more Q & A, check out the highlight on my Instagram titled Samsung Frame TV

You can also contact Josh Wilson for a digital print of this piece at Josh Wilson Prints, this link will get you 

Some of the many art selections that I have displayed on The Frame:

Do you have other questions about The Frame?  If so, drop them below and I will try to answer them.

And if you need any decorating help in your current home or new construction, just click on my Design Packages. I work with clients from Maine to Florida, Texas, and the entire US. 

Have a great week!

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